Contrary to popular belief, the Office of District Attorney doesn't have any control over any police officer or department. We work together for a common goal but that's about all there is. If there is an issue with a police officer or department, contact that officer's supervisor or that department's governing body, which is usually Township supervisors. 

 No one in the Office of District Attorney can provide legal advise or services to the general public. If you have been charged with a crime, DO NOT call the DA to ask whether or not you need a lawyer. 

Our office is open 8 to 5 M,T,T,F. On Wednesdays, we close (along with the rest of the County Offices) at 12:30. 

During the Covid-19 situation, we are not taking in person meetings. We will up date this site when that becomes a viable option again.

Both local and State Police can help you with Child Safety Seats. They will also install Child Safety Seats in your vehicles or just inspect the seat you have now. If you are planning on going to a local or State Police station to have your child's seat checked or installed, please call ahead. Every Department usually has at least one person trained in the installation process. With that being said, you want to make sure that person is on duty.

The Clinton County S.P.C.A. has an enforcement officer that investigates animal complaints. This includes animal abuse, puppy mills and leaving pets outdoors in dangerous conditions, etc... This is not to say that local and State agencies can't investigate but the Enforcement Officer for the S.P.C.A. has special training to assist him with these kinds of investigations. 

No. Local and State law enforcement agencies in Clinton County will help you install and inspect Child Safety Seats. The Pa State Police at the Lamar barracks occasionally have Child Safety Seat Inspection days. You can contact them at 570-726-6000 for more information.