News Release - Monday, June 7, 2021

Lock Haven City Police

News Release

June 7, 2021


1.  CRASH – On 06-02-21 at 9:17 AM, a crash occurred in the 900 block of Bellefonte Ave.  Erin Alexander, 41, Jersey Shore, struck a curb, disabling the vehicle she was driving.

2.  CRIMINAL MISCHIEF – On 06-02-21, between 9:00 PM and midnight, someone cut four tires on a vehicle parked in the 200 block of Bellefonte Ave.

3.  CRASH – On 06-03-21 at 3:20 PM, a crash occurred at E Walnut St and Grove St.  Derek Reber, 31, Mifflinburg, was operating a vehicle traveling south on Grove St.  Reber stopped at the stop sign then entered the intersection without yielding to traffic having the right-of-way.  Reber’s vehicle was struck by a vehicle traveling west on E Walnut St.  Reber was issued a citation for the stop sign violation. 

4.  FRAUD – On 06-03-21, the victim reported he was contacted by someone claiming to be from the Treasury Department and told the victim to withdraw money out of the victim’s bank account.  The victim then bought gift cards with the money and forwarded the card information to the caller.  The victim lost $4500 in the scam.    

5.  CRASH – On 06-04-21 at 3:47 PM, a four-year-old child walked into the roadway at Bellefonte Ave and N Fairview St.  The child hit the side of a vehicle that attempted to swerve around the child.  The child was not injured during the incident. 


1.  See separate arrest release.