News Release - Friday, 02-19-21

Lock Haven City Police

News Release

February 19, 2021


1.  On 02-10-21 at 4:35 PM, a motor vehicle crash occurred at W Church St and Third St.  Chase Tackett, 21, Bethlehem, was traveling north on Third St.  After stopping at the stop sign, Tackett proceeded into the intersection, Tackett’s vehicle was struck by a vehicle traveling east on W Church St, operated by Jordan Schmitt, 21, Columbia.  Tackett said his view was blocked by parked vehicles and he couldn’t see Schmitt’s vehicle.

2.  On 02-18-21 at 3:45 AM, a motor vehicle crash occurred in the 10 block of E Main St.  Dakota Rice, 21, Lock Haven, was traveling north of Vesper St then turned right on E Main St.  Rice lost control of the vehicle and hit a parking meter on the north side of E Main St.  A citation was issued to Rice for Driving Vehicle as Safe Speed. 

3.  On 02-18-21 at 7:57 AM, a motor vehicle crash occurred at E Church St and N Vesper St.  Yuri Rumbalski, 38, Lock Haven, was traveling east on E Church St.  Kellie Probst, 44, Lock Haven was traveling south on N Vesper St.  Rumbalski attempted to turn onto N Vesper St while facing a red light and struck Probst’s vehicle.  Citations are being filed against Rumbalski for Obedience to Traffic Control Devices and Registration and certificate of Title Required. 


1.  A citation for harassment is being filed against Marie Shardae Harris, 30, Lock Haven.  On 02-02-21, Harris sent the victim harassing text messages attempting to get the victim to come outside and fight.

2.  A citation for harassment is being filed against Shawn Allen Harter, 34, Lock Haven for an incident that occurred in the 100 block of S Jones St on 02-11-21.