Weaver Bound Over on Perjury Charges

LOCK HAVEN- Nathan William Weaver, 33, of Paxinos, was bound over for trial following a preliminary hearing on one count of Perjury, a felony of the 3rd degree.  Weaver is alleged to have testified falsely under oath in a February 2021 hearing before President Judge Craig P. Miller.

At the preliminary hearing, District Attorney Dave Strouse admitted copies of the February 2021 hearing containing Weaver's testimony.  He also admitted a copy of President Judge Miller's subsequent Opinion that seemingly relied on Weaver's testimony in reaching several conclusions.  Three Lock Haven City Police Officers also testified for the Commonwealth.

Police allege that Weaver, who is charged in a separate October 2019 Sexual Assault case, entered a "no contest" plea in November 2020 with the understanding that he was to receive a 3-6 year sentence at a state correctional institution.  In January of 2021, Weaver filed a motion with the Court to withdraw his plea, approximately 80 days after he initially entered the plea, and less than 2 weeks before he was scheduled to be sentenced.

Weaver was called to testify in February by his Attorney, Peter Campana, Esquire. During his testimony, Weaver made a series of statements claiming that had consensual sexual intercourse with the victim, initiated by the victim, and therefore he was not guilty.  Weaver also testified that police officers had never asked him whether he had consensual sex with the alleged victim, and that they only ever accused him of being a rapist during his police interviews.

The Lock Haven Police officers called to testify explained that Weaver had actually been interviewed 3 separate times by 3 different police officers relating to the sexual assault allegation. Officer Andrew Fisher, Sgt. Elizabeth Gregory, and Detective Rich Simpson all described their own interviews with the defendant, and how they specifically asked about possible consensual sex the defendant may have had with the victim.  In each interview, police said, Weaver denied ever touching the victim. 

During his interview with Officer Andrew Fisher on the same night as alleged sexual assault, Fisher testified that Weaver told him that he hadn't had sex in weeks, and that he "checked himself out down there" and he definitely didn't have sex.  Sgt. Gregory testified that she asked Weaver to tell her exactly what happened, and Weaver denied ever touching the victim, saying "he was on top of the covers and she was under the covers." 

Detective Simpson testified that the Commonwealth had obtained a DNA sample from the defendant in the sex assault case.  Simpson, who interviewed Weaver several weeks after the other two officers, asked Weaver if his DNA would be found on the victim, the Defendant told police no, and that he "never touched her."

Ultimately, Simpson said, Weaver's DNA was confirmed by forensic testing conducted following a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) examination of the victim.  Weaver continues to await jury trial in the Sexual Assault case, currently scheduled for June.